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Smooth and strong like stunningly ink-black Onyx, dancers continue to hone their skills, building on the authentic connections formed in teamwork and trust developed in Emerald classes.

Onyx dancers are dedicated, passionate and confident, pursuing a level of excellence in their dance training coupled with engaging and heartfelt performances.

Dancers perform in our year-end Recital with confidence, connection and a depth of skill developed through their continuous and consistent training in the Performance Division.

Onyx dancers wishing for more of a challenge may audition for the Competitive Division at the Co 2 level

Class Schedule (School Year 2023-2024)

Not currently offered at this time.  Please see Competitive or Professional Division classes or contact us to request a class!


At Defy Gravity, we believe in making things simple and straightforward, so we have designed DG All-Inclusive Tuition which is one fee for the entire dance season – no hidden fees throughout the year – we promise!  You can confidently budget for your child’s activities knowing that the only extra fees will be dress code items needed (we stock them in the office for convenience and all charges go directly on your credit card on file) and recital tickets (sold the first weekend in June at the studio).  All-Inclusive pricing is listed as a monthly charge (10 payments) that will be charged to your credit card at registration and each of Sept 1, 2024 – May 1, 2025.  DG All-Inclusive tuition is based on the number of hours per week that each student is dancing in the studio from September – June.  Parents may choose to pay the entire All-Inclusive fee at registration (cash or credit card) or our convenient 10 instalment option (credit card only).

DG All-Inclusive Pricing includes the Registration fee, Recital fee, Costume fee and Tuition that other studios charge separately all bundled into one monthly fee that includes a bunch of great extras:

  • Link to Recital Video and all digital downloads of the Recital
  • Photo Day sitting fee (photo purchase optional through our amazing photographer at Gemini Visuals)
  • Dress Rehearsal, Competitive Rehearsal & on-stage Tech Rehearsal
  • Choreography videos and all recital music sent to you for your dancers to practice!
  • Costume alterations, decorations, steaming & ironing.  Costumes will be hung up in labelled garment bags ready to take home!
  • Viewing Day (pending Covid 19 regulations)
  • Student Appreciation events (Halloween, Christmas, DG Love Bomb, Silly Sock Week, Crazy Hair Week, Selfie Station – treats and fun activities throughout the season)
  • Parent Appreciation (that’s right, we love you too!!)  Have a look in our client kitchen for goodies such as tea/coffee, essential oils and treats.
  • Community events such as the Steveston Salmon Festival Canada Day Parade, Dancing for a Cure (Cancer Society Fundraiser), and Winter Wonderland (Holiday performance in-house and at local senior’s housing facilities as available).

Performance Division classes are a 10 month financial and time investment and all amounts for Registration fee, Recital fees, Administration fees, Tuition and Costumes paid are non-refundable.  There will be no refunds issued unless a dancer is required by a medical doctor to stop dancing and a letter from the medical doctor is submitted to Defy Gravity Dance Company Inc.  Classes are not transferable between dancers.

It is imperative that parents maintain accurate and current payment and contact information on file so that we can continue to serve you best!  Please provide administrative staff with new payment information if it has changed.  Tuition is not prorated for absences, holidays or partial months, these have already been accounted for in DG All-Inclusive fees.

Please Contact us so we can send you the most up to date pricing. 

Dress Code - Ballet/Lyrical

We make dress code simple! Our dancers feel amazing in their stunning bodysuits, earning different colours every two years to match their gemstone level. Onyx dancers wear a sleek black spaghetti strap bodysuit, black DG dance shorts and Body Wrappers A31 Theatrical Pink tights (no holes/runs please!), pink leather Capezio Lily slippers which are purchased direct from the studio and charged on your account - no need to bring in payment, we’ve got you covered!  Or purchase through the DG Slipper Consignment and hair must be in a proper Ballet Bun with bangs pinned back off the face.

Dress Code - Jazz/Tap

We make dress code simple! Our dancers feel amazing in their stunning bodysuits, earning different colours every two years to match their gemstone level. Onyx dancers wear a sleek black spaghetti strap bodysuit and black DG dance shorts which are purchased direct from the studio and charged on your account - no need to bring in payment, we’ve got you covered! Or purchase through the DG Slipper Consignment.  Hair must be neatly tied back off the face.

Studio Expectations

  • Students are expected to arrive on time and ready for each class. Hair must be tied back from the face and each student must be dressed according to the dress code for each discipline.  Students who continually arrive unprepared for class will be asked to observe class and will not be permitted to participate.  No refunds will be issued.  We consider this a really important life lesson to invest in and prepare for activities you love!
  • Students are expected to act appropriately inside and outside the studio. There is to be no running around, chasing, yelling or any other inappropriate behaviour during class time or before or after class.  Students under the age of 8 are not to be left unmonitored before or after classes.
  • Defy Gravity staff reserve the right to remove a student from class if they continually act inappropriately and/or are disrupting students in their class. No refund will be given for students removed from classes.
  • Students are to be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of their class. Failing to do so will result in late pick-up fees to cover costs incurred by Defy Gravity.
  • Food & Drinks are NOT permitted in the studio. Water may be kept in the change rooms or hall cubbies.  Chewing Gum is not permitted anywhere in the facility!
  • Class time is valuable to every child – if you would like to contact an instructor to discuss your child’s progress, please leave a message with the office staff or contact the Studio Director to set up an appointment.
  • Defy Gravity reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrolment and/or change instructors when necessary.
  • Classes cancelled due to Snow, Power Outage or any other unforeseeable emergency will not be rescheduled and no refunds will be issued.  Your dancer’s safety is our primary concern!

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