Dance in Schools

Bring your learners to life with our in-school Dance Programs

School Year 2023-2024


Imagine an energetic week of dance lessons scheduled during your PE blocks - the learners are engaged and feeling successful all while preparing for a lively Performance Assembly where they build confidence sharing their skills.

Our experienced team of instructors specialize in age appropriate dance education and can not wait to work with your school to provide an amazing week (or two depending on the number of divisions) of dance!

Children have varied learning styles and dance brings visual, auditory and kinetic learners together so that every student thrives in our School Dance Program.

We provide experienced and engaging instructors, unique age-appropriate choreography and links to music so learners can practice outside of class time.

We are flexible on scheduling and available to bring Hip Hop and Jazz dance to your school.  Reserve early as our schedule usually fills 6 months in advance.

Brighouse Elementary (Jan 15-Feb 1, 2024)

Div 3/4 & 5/6 - This is How We Do it
Div 11/12 & 1/2 - Fresh Prince of Belair
Div 13/14 & 9/10 - Beggin
Div 7/8 & 17/18 - Love is the Answer
Div 23/24 & 21/22 - Million Dollar Bill
Div 15/16 & 19/20  - What About Your Friends?
Div 27/28 & 25/26 - Let's Dance

PERFORMANCES: Jan 24 and Feb 1, 1:30pm

Anderson Elementary (Nov 27 - Dec 8, 2023)

Div 15/16 & 1/2 - This is How We Do it
Div 17/18 & 3/5 - Fresh Prince of Belair
Div 19/20 & 4/6 - Beggin
Div 23/24 & 9/11 - Million Dollar Bill
Div 21/22 & 10/12  - What About Your Friends?
Div 25/26 & 13/14 - Let's Dance

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10 Benefits of Dance For Your Child

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10 Benefits of Dance for Your Child

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