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Our Pre-Professional Program (also known as PPP) is now entering it’s 11th award winning season!  Dancers train in core classes of Cecchetti Ballet (including yearly exams), Jazz, Acro, Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical and Tap with additional options in Hip Hop.  The Pre-Professional Program is for dancers wishing to train with other dedicated, talented and motivated dancers and performers wishing to improve their skills in a safe, supportive and challenging environment.  Dancers are educated in weight training, stability/core training, yoga, nutrition, injury prevention as well as dance history and technique and choreography in the Pre-Professional Program.  Cecchetti Ballet classes have an accompanist weekly.  Entrance into the Pre-Professional Program is by audition.  PPP dancers compete locally and provincially, take Cecchetti Ballet exams each June, perform in our Annual Recital and extra performance opportunities such as “Dancing for a Cure” which supports our Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Dash Team.


Our 2nd round of Auditions for the Pre-Professional Program for the 2019-20 season are scheduled in class Sept 9-16, 2019.

Please contact the office to inquire about the Pre-Professional Program. Auditions are $35 plus gst payable before the audition class commences.

Please contact the office to reserve your audition time.

Class Requirements

Pre-Professional 5 (7-9 years): 2 P5 Ballet classes, 2 P5 Jazz classes, P5 Acro technique class and P5 Tap class.

Pre-Professional 4 (9-12 years): 3 P4 Ballet classes, 2 P4 Jazz classes, P4 Modern class, P4 Acro technique class and P4 Tap class required. Optional classes in Hip Hop.

Pre-Professional 3 (11-13 yrs): 4 P3 Ballet classes (including pointe), 2 P3 Jazz/Lyrical classes, P3 Modern class, P3 Contemporary class, P3 Jazz choreography (outside class time but not a regular weekly class). Optional Classes are P3 Acro Tech and P3 Tap

Pre-Professional 2 (13+ yrs): 4 P2 Ballet classes (including pointe), 2 P2 Jazz/Lyrical classes, P2 Contemporary class, P2 Modern class, P2 Jazz choreography. Optional Classes are P1/2 Hip Hop and P1/2 Tap or P2/Co 1 Tap based on experience.

Pre-Professional 1 (16+ yrs): 4 P1 Ballet classes (including pointe), 2 P1 Jazz/Lyrical classes , P1 Contemporary Class, P1 Modern Class, P1 Jazz choreography. Optional classes are P1/2 Hip Hop and P1/2 Tap.

**All Pre-Professional class requirements are listed above and are non-negotiable. Optional classes may be added to enrich your dancers training and experience. All additional classes within the Pre-Professional Program are by audition only. The quality of our program depends on the dedication of our talented students and faculty – cohesive training in a supportive environment sets the stage for fabulously talented and inspiring dancers!


  1. Dancers are expected to arrive for class on time, prepared and in proper dress code.
  2. Dancers that must miss a class are expected to catch up on all choreography/skills missed on their own time and arrive to the next class prepared to keep up with their classmates.  Dancers should notify the office of any anticipated missed classes so we can plan accordingly.
  3. Dancers are permitted to miss up to 3 of each class for reasons such as vacation, illness, schoolwork.  These 3 classes should not be missed between January – May unless pre-approved by the Studio Director OR in case of emergency.  Dancers missing more than 3 classes may be asked to leave the Competitive Program and no refunds will be issued.
  4. Dancers are expected to be in class if they are injured or not feeling well and should record choreography so they can practice when feeling better/recovered.  Dancers should not be in class is they are contagious or vomiting (in that case, please stay home and get better soon!)
  5. All dancers at DG are expected to enter the studio with a positive attitude and fabulous work ethic!  We love what we do and mentor our dancers through positivity!
  6. Parents and Dancers should be prepared to commit to the entire season of training, including workshops/conventions (October/November), Cecchetti Ballet Exams (June), extra performance opportunities, rehearsals, Local & Provincial Competitions and Recital.
  7. Solos & Duos will be recommended by DG Faculty via the Studio Director.  Being offered a solo or duo is an honour and dancers are expected to commit to extra time to prepare for Competitions.  Solo/Duo contracts and Deposits must be submitted to the studio before work on Solos/Duos can begin.
  8. Senior PPP dancers (P1-3) are expected to help mentor younger dancers as part of their training.  This will also lead to teacher training and possible employment in the future!

Competition Dates

Gravity (Burnaby) – April 1-3, 2020
Synergy (Burnaby) – April 21-27, 2020
Dance Power (Burnaby) – May 4-10, 2020
Synergy (Lake Country) – May 15-18, 2020 (P1/2/3 only)

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10 Benefits of Dance for Your Child

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