COVID-19 Protocol


Safety is our priority!


We’ve been open for in-person classes since June 1 with rave reviews and have both strict cleaning and distancing policies in place.

Here is how we are keeping your dancer safe:

  1. Separate entrances with staggered arrival times - each studio has it’s own entrance from the parking lot!
  2. Storage for dance gear and shoes in each studio to keep dancer’s items separate but accessible while in class.
  3. Dancers sanitize hands and go to assigned squares with safe distance.
  4. Teachers supervise dancers keeping safe distance (we have our own studio walkways).
  5. Each studio has it’s own air ventilation system. One bathroom is assigned to each studio and limited hallway access for bathroom use only, and only in one direction.
  6. Classes scheduled in combos so drop off and pick up is simplified for parents and no cross-over of dancer groups ensuring everyone is staying in their zone and keeping safe distance at all times!
  7. What happens after your dancer finishes class and exits through their designated door? WE CLEAN (A lot!). Studio floors are steamed, all surfaces are sanitized (including cubbies), difficult to reach spots are sanitized with a UV wand. Bathrooms are all sanitized as well as door handles throughout the space.
  8. What happen’s next? The next group of dancers is allowed into a fresh clean space that has been sanitized at higher standards than the BCCDC/PHO/Worksafe requirements.

We can't wait to dance with you! Please contact us with further questions - we are happy to help.

10 Benefits of Dance For Your Child

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10 Benefits of Dance for Your Child

Free download!