Pre-Professional Class Requirements

Pre-Professional 5 (7-9 years): 2 P5 Ballet classes, 2 P5 Jazz classes, P5 Acro technique class and P5 Tap class.

Pre-Professional 4 (9-12 years):  3 P4 Ballet classes, 2 P4 Jazz classes, P4 Modern class, P4 Acro technique class and P4 Tap class required. Optional classes in Hip Hop.

Pre-Professional 3 (11-13 yrs): 4 P3 Ballet classes (including pointe), 2 P3 Jazz/Lyrical classes, P3 Modern class, P3 Contemporary class, P3 Jazz choreography (outside class time but not a regular weekly class). Optional Classes are P3 Acro Tech and P3 Tap

Pre-Professional 2 (13+ yrs): 4 P2 Ballet classes (including pointe), 2 P2 Jazz/Lyrical classes, P2 Contemporary class, P2 Modern class, P2 Jazz choreography. Optional Classes are P1/2 Hip Hop and P1/2 Tap or P2/Co 1 Tap based on experience.

Pre-Professional 1 (16+ yrs): 4 P1 Ballet classes (including pointe), 2 P1 Jazz/Lyrical classes , P1 Contemporary Class, P1 Modern Class, P1 Jazz choreography. Optional classes are P1/2 Hip Hop and P1/2 Tap.

**All Pre-Professional class requirements are listed above and are non-negotiable.  Optional classes may be added to enrich your dancers training and experience.  All additional classes within the Pre-Professional Program are by audition only.  The quality of our program depends on the dedication of our talented students and faculty – cohesive training in a supportive environment sets the stage for fabulously talented and inspiring dancers!