Acro  (3 – 18 yrs)

Ever wonder how dancers incorporate flips, walk overs, aerials and contortion into their routines?  Acro is the answer!  Dancers work on core strength and flexibility to gain the control required to stretch, flip and support themselves and each other.  Acro is fun, hard work and teamwork all rolled into one amazing class and is a great compliment to technical dance classes.  Jazz class required, Ballet recommended.

Ballet  (3 – 18 yrs)

Classical ballet technique is taught in sequence to build strength, balance and coordination while mastering poise, grace and artistic expression.  Ballet is the foundation for many other dance disciplines.  We offer Ballet in Recreational, Competitive and Pre-Professional (Cecchetti Exams, Competitive and leading to Professional career in dance) levels.


Contemporary (12 – 18 yrs)
With an emphasis on strength and control, dancers learn contemporary technique and choreography that is always changing. At Defy Gravity we push the boundaries of the artistic side of each of our dancers.  Story-telling and beautiful lines sum up this discipline.  Ballet or Jazz required.


Hip Hop  (7 – 18 yrs)
Tight beats, slick steps – need we say more?  Learn the latest street-inspired free form moves in this high energy class.


Jazz  (5 – 18 yrs)
Jazz is a free-flowing, fast-paced style of dance that incorporates movements from other disciplines.  Contemporary steps inspired by the latest music are sure to impress!  Ballet recommended.



Lyrical (12 – 18 yrs)
A slower and more expressive form of jazz.  Lyrical is for those who LOVE to dance!  A great compliment to Ballet, Jazz & Modern classes.  Ballet or Jazz required.



Modern Improv  (12 – 18 yrs)
Free from restrictive rules, Modern is the contemporary answer to a dancer’s need to express emotion and tell a story. Dancers learn movement improvisation as well as contact improvisation (involving transfer of weight and lifts) while learning to express emotions freely and authentically. This class is a must for any dancer wishing to train at a high level and is part of our required Company Classes.  Ballet or Jazz required.


Tap  (7 – 18 yrs)
You can spot a tapper by the way they can’t stop moving their feet!  Keep the rhythm alive…  Students improve balance, strength, coordination, rhythm and musicality while learning traditional and contemporary technique.  Jazz or Ballet class recommended.


Adult Classes
Would you like to take a class for yourself?  We understand that it can be challenging to make time for yourself!  We offer adult classes in 6 week sessions so the commitment time is shorter and the likelihood that you will be able to attend every class is greater!  Please refer to the Schedule for current class availability.  Don’t have the class that you are looking for at the time you desire?  Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!